Home Help
You should already be connected when you go to funklord.com. If not, tap "Connect" below the input window.
Once you're connected, type "create <playername> <password>", substituting your preferred player name and password. Then, type "help" for a quick orientation.
If you've created a character already, you'll instead type "connect <playername> <password>".
Getting Started
NAILS is a social, multiplayer text adventure. Once you're connected, walk around the different rooms and talk to others. You can also use the "com" and "page" commands to talk to players in different rooms.
Once you're comfortable moving and communicating, you can also build your own rooms! Ask an administrator online when you're ready.
There are also plenty of games to play and things to do on NAILS! You can play the lottery, go to the casino, eat and drink in the restaurants, and much more.
Core Commands
Advanced Commands
Builder Commands
Programmer Commands
Administrator Commands